Virtual Tradeshow
in a Box

The VTB™ is an interactive driven event, designed to give your clients the look and feel of visiting your tradeshow booth but with the economy and efficiency of a virtual platform.

VTB™ events typically have these three core elements:

  1. 1
    Company Intro: An introductory overview that provides a broad view of your company’s message.
  2. 2
    Demo: show specific products or software 
  3. 3
    Q&A: You can do webinars events open for many prospects or schedule private demos

Virtual Tradeshow: FEIG AutoID Solutions for Logistics Processes

Promotion of Virtual Tradeshow in a Box™

  • Promotion with landing pages for prospects to register for leads or schedule time slots
  • Social media posts
  • Multiplatform advertising in such as Social, YouTube and Google
  • Email invitations
  • Search Engine placements for broad audiences
Virtual Tradeshow in a Box Landing Page

Landing Page

Virtual Tradeshow in a Box Social Media Promotion

Social Media Post

VTB Package

Multiplatform advertising in such as Social, YouTube and Google

Email campaign and delivery to new or existing audience

Landing page
Web pages that require registration and enable scheduling

Live Webinar
Combination of prerecorded demos with options for live Q&A and speaking engagements

Graphics / Backdrops
We will produce visually compelling backdrops to bring life to the demos

Turnkey production including strategy, script, animation, filming, voice overs and music.

Schedule follow up
conversations after the  virtual event or scheduled after the public event with Calendar tools.

Virtual Tradeshow in a Box™ Advantages

The Forward Vision VTB™
Traditional Tradeshow Experience

Timed for when you and your clients are ready

Time schedule out of your control

No travel, no hotel, no booth

Expensive travel expenses

Easy to duplicate and easy to refine for specific audiences

Hard to duplicate across different locations, markets and industries

Wide audience with easy tracking

Many prospects in one place but hard to track audience

More targeted conversations

As many visitors to your booth selling as buying

With the FV VTB™ we design an interactive approach that leads to conversations.


Virtual space enables easier demos

Limited space defines limits demos

Longer one-to-one calls and emails

Short face-to-face discussions

Virtual Tradeshow in a Box™ ROI