May 7

Ultimate Guide to Google Remarketing Ads for Trade Show Advertising

By Veronica Henley

May 7, 2019

If you are planning to advertise for a trade show today, there’s one advertising strategy you shouldn’t overlook, and that’s Google remarketing Ads. When you use remarketing tactics, you place ads in the browsers of people who have already viewed your website or content, so you can increase the chances you are advertising to people who have an expressed interest in your company. If you want to harness the power of remarketing for trade show advertising, read on. This information can help you use ads on the Google Display and Google Search Networks to target more qualified leads and more effectively reach people who are interested in your trade show.

Utilize Visual Clues from Your Tradeshow Booth

Setup remarketing ads for AdWords, and include your tradeshow booth number in your ads. Also, consider including a photo of your setup or incorporating graphics that you also use in your booth and materials at the show. By using consistent, parallel visual imager, you provide Internet users visual clues that might jog their memory from encountering you at the trade show. Alternatively, if they see your retargeted ad on the web before they meet you in real life, they may be drawn to your booth in person because of its visual familiarity.

Use a Landing Page for Scheduling Appointments

When you use a retargeted Google ad to promote your tradeshow presence, connect that ad to a landing page that includes an appointment scheduler for the tradeshow. Give visitors the opportunity to do something active that encourages them to engage with you in person. By making it easy to connect and set up a meeting, you increase the chances that they will further engage with your brand.

Take Advantage of Video for Demos

Another way to get Internet users who come across a retargeted ad engaged with your brand is to have that ad lead to video demos. Show demonstrations of someone using your product or service, or include a video of you talking about your company or offerings. Videos are a way to give a human face to your business and making them a destination from a retargeted ad will continue to foster a connection and loyalty by someone interested in your company.

Rely on the Help of Experts

Does using retargeted Google ads for your tradeshow feel too complicated? Don’t worry.. there are experts that can help you get the word out to the right people. Let Forward Vision Marketing create your ads, design your landing page and set up your Google Adwords. We guarantee a return on the investment you make, and you’ll be happy with how little you spend for impressive results. (In fact, you’ll likely spend less on Starbucks each day then you will on your Google remarketing campaign, and you will be blown away by the number of impressions you’ll make on all the show visitors and exhibitors.

In addition to helping you with retargeting ads, during the tradeshow, we can also help you maximize your presence using our geotargeting IP campaign. Once visitors start using their mobile phones in the convention center or hotel, they will see your ads appear. Once again, you will save so much money letting Forward Vision set up your own geotargeted campaign, instead of trying to go through the show promoter.

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