September 26

Technology in Texas: A Glimpse into Applied Intelligence LIVE! and IoT World

By Kelly Stark

September 26, 2023

Diving deep into the world of cutting-edge tech at the Applied Intelligence LIVE event held from September 20-21, 2023, in Austin, Texas, was an eye-opener. The conference convened diverse attendees ranging from esteemed university professors, pivotal public officials from the Department of Homeland Defense, key industry group stakeholders, and trailblazing tech leaders specializing in fields like robotics, cyber security, quantum computing, digital twins, IoT, and AI. Their united purpose? To decipher the means to integrate all these technologies in a safe and practically meaningful manner.

Panel discussion at Applied Intelligence LIVE

One enlightening session was “The Evolution from ‘Digital Twin’ to ‘Cognitive Digital Twin,'” spearheaded by Bill Pugh, Co-Founder, Smart Connections Consulting LLC, and Dr. Ahmed El Adl, PhD, Founder and CEO, CogniTwins, LLC. They delved into the concept of each individual having a “digital health twin,” illuminating how integrating it with advanced research and AI could revolutionize medical records and health solutions.

However, Dr. El Adl aptly emphasized, “Digital Twins are not the end solution but a tool, a means to achieve a specific desired outcome.” In the ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional cybersecurity methods might fall short of protecting our AI infrastructure. Their suggestion? Instead of one monolithic “city digital twin,” a swarm of interconnected digital twins could be the future, enhancing both intelligence and security.

An inspiring segment was the “Women Leaders in Technology” panel discussion:

– Emily Gupton, from Austin Women in Technology

– Courtney Weir of Tesla

– Summer Xiao from the City of Houston

– Dr. Erica Grant of Quantal Security Inc

– Mubassira Khan from the US Dept. of Transportation

These powerful voices shed light on the “Broken Rung” challenge women face in tech. They advocated for corporate structures that support flexible work modes, ensuring mothers can seamlessly merge career and parenting.

Outside of the formal sessions, the networking opportunities were golden. A memorable interaction was during a casual happy hour at a Putt-Putt course. I mingled with brilliant minds like Chastity Johnson, Citi’s Global Risk Officer, and Noah Ringler, Kathy Vaughan, from the Department of Homeland Security. The news was fresh about Eric Hysen’s appointment as the department’s inaugural Chief AI Officer. The buzz? The potential and challenges of AI in fortifying security, especially in critical areas like transportation and supply chains.

Dr. Ben Zoghi, PhD, PE and Kelly Stark at Applied Intelligence LIVE

The event served as a potent reminder of the strides being made in leveraging advanced technologies by powerhouses like Fujitsu and Yet, the call to action was clear: there’s an imperative need for more collaboration, further innovation, and continuous education. A comforting thought was having the founding director of Texas A&M Master of Engineering Technical Management, Dr. Ben Zoghi, PhD, PE, by my side. His commitment? Ensuring his students are at the cutting-edge of these technological revolutions.

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