How Technology B2B Marketing Leverages Social Media

technology b2b marketingMuch of the technology community has been slow to adopt social media. However, B2B technology marketing professionals need to think again, since Forrester’s newest B2B Social Technographics® numbers show that 100% of business decision-makers use social media for work purposes.

Social media is the technology that connects people. Now you may already have a pre-existing understanding of what social media is, but what you may not know is that it’s not just a tool for communication, but also an essential skill and business strategy.

Identifying the right platforms, creating social media teams, and establishing a social media calendar are all parts of the social media strategy. And with the right strategies, here are some of the things that social media marketing can do for your business:

  • Create brand awareness! Create a recognizable identity for your product or service by showing customers and prospects who you are and what you can do for them through technology corporate branding on social networks

  • Enhance your reputation! Monitor what other people are saying about your business online to fix any potential problems or to make improvements to your technology pr

  • Build customer relationships! Get to know your clients’ needs and concerns in real-time and possibly respond to any of their questions or just converse with them

  • Boost SEO ranking! Build links that will help your website move up in search engine ranking so hopefully more people will find it

  • Get exposure! Create buzz around your business by providing offers so good that your customers not only use them but also share them with their friends (not to mention your promotions could go viral)

  • Evaluate engagement! See what campaigns/posts worked or didn’t work, how your accounts are doing, how engaged your customers are, etc.  Social media allows for instant feedback and optimized B2B lead creation

But a good social media strategy is a lot more than just signing your company up for a Facebook account and putting some words on it every so often. It requires a great amount of skill, experience, and effort to get those amazing results.

Forward Vision Marketing utilizes HootSuite, a cost-effective management tool that allows organizations to effectively use social media in their external communication strategy. And unlike other B2B social media firms, we employ HootSuite Certified Professionals who have received social media training from HootSuite University and have passed HootSuite’s certification exam.

Let Forward Vision Marketing help you establish efficient and effective ways to manage your social media community to create the best results!

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