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What Does the Internet of Things Really Mean for Marketers?

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According to marketing firm Percolate‘s white paper titled The Ultimate Internet of Things Guide for Marketers, there will be 5 billion things connected to the Internet by the end of 2015. By 2020, that number could be 25 billion, meaning that there would be three things connected to the Internet for every person in the world. Also, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the impact of the Internet of Things on the global economy will exceed $6 trillion by 2025.

At the same time, the McKinsey Global Institute polled many corporate leaders who admitted they simply don’t understand the business opportunities that the IoT will eventually provide.

So what do numbers like these mean for those in the marketing industry? According to a study by the consulting firm Bain, every single consumer item will be connected to the Internet by 2020. This means that marketers will be able to gather more data on their customers than ever before, allowing marketers to create more personalized campaigns and customer messages. The amount of data marketers will have creates an entirely new foundation for building customer bases, increasing returning customer numbers, and discovering exactly what customers want.

The technology behind this data collection will often include things like smart labels and smart packaging, which involve sensors in consumables that are connected to the Internet. Innovations like near field communication labels and smart tags, bluetooth stickers, and image recognition can turn something as simple as a can of vegetables into a digital marketing tool. Groups like the Industrial Internet Consortium are helping to set the framework for this type of technology to continue growing.

Of course, being able to collect this data would be worthless without the ability to interpret it and act on it. The marketing solutions from Forward Vision will continue to adapt to the latest technologies in the Internet of Things to create b2b marketing services and strategies that provide the best opportunities for our clients to grow their businesses and reach more customers than ever before. RFID marketing, IoT marketing and technology marketing will continue to be our specialties.

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Webinar on RFID and IoT Marketing Best Practices

Ever rolled out a product that no one bought? It’s no secret that the Internet of Things is hot, but how do you perform IoT marketing for your solution to generate leads from your target audience?

Sign up for Forward Vision’s latest webinar, where we will share the keys to successful sales in IoT and RFID technology by using an educational marketing approach. Kelly Stark, an RFID marketing and IoT veteran, will share and discuss what she’s learned building marketing campaigns for smart products like RFID, IoT, supply chain software, oil and gas, and healthcare asset management.

Below is a copy of the presentation:

RFID and IoT Marketing Presentation

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