You have invested your time, money, and brainpower to invent your next new big thing

Will your launch capture the attention of your customers? Will your own people understand it enough to sell it?  Support it?  And make it drive the return on investment you dreamed of?

A successful launch is more than just having a good idea and “hoping” it will sell in the market.   At Forward Vision, our Start Right – Finish Well launch management process will provide you with a proven methodology and the experience and know how to give the lift you need for a successful launch.

The Start Right – Finish Well Launch Management Process

A Complete Guide to Launching a New Product or Service

A Forward Vision Launch Delivers

Deep Alignment

characterized by agreement on scope of work, goals, measurements, work assignments, management reporting and timetables.

Galvanizing Messaging

characterized by messaging strategies that align to your buyers needs and problems, aligns to a describable buying journey, profoundly demonstrates unique value propositions, provides your buyers needs for information and is digitally enabled and powered.

Enabling Ignition

characterized by a comprehensive marketing execution strategy supported by an internal communication and sales knowledge transfer plan for your internal sellers, partners and influencers.

Product Launch Insights

Question: Name one key thing that is often overlooked in the flurry of product launch planning?  Answer: Message mapping, the important process of aligning content with where a customer is positioned within the buying cycle. The buying cycle has been described several ways but, generally speaking, it involves these stages: Awareness and determination of need;

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Few things are more important when introducing your hot new product than having a keen understanding of potential buyers. There is one key prerequisite to achieving this profound understanding  — developing a highly detailed buyer persona or Voice of the Customer (VoC). This single step will guide you throughout the entire launch process.  Your buyer

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Our process starts with a short discovery process that digs deep into your specific launch needs.  Drop us your contact information to set an appointment to Start Right and Finish Well!

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