September 25

Start Right Finish Well: Product Launch as a Service

By Philip Sorrells

September 25, 2020

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” That might have been true 140 years ago when Ralph Waldo Emerson said it, but things have changed. Today, a superbly designed and manufactured product needs the right sales and marketing strategy to succeed. A well-conceived and executed product launch provides the boost that can send the sales trajectory to stratospheric levels.

Product launches in the B2B technology space can vary widely – there is no fixed formula. The product may be innovative or a low-margin me-too product. The launch may be a big-bang launch of a new product line, a soft launch, or the launch of an incremental release. The target market may be a new industry, or your installed base of customers. It may address a niche pain point, or be widely applicable with many use cases. Tactically, is the launch a full-frontal assault or does it rely on guerilla marketing techniques? It varies widely, as do the metrics for success.

There is, however, one thing that is common across product launches: getting the biggest bang for your buck. Sometimes, content creation – the positioning, messaging, and narrative – is a critical factor, and allocating more budget to this gets better results. Other times, broad-based awareness may be most important – and hence the budget should be skewed towards YouTube and LinkedIn ads.

At Forward Vision, launching countless products over the years have taught us a thing or two. We’ve distilled those experiences and insights into our Start Right – Finish Well™ launch management process. We start right by creating a deep alignment of launch goals, metrics, scope, and plans. We finish well with expert execution of the launch strategy. In between, we make sure the right message gets to the right people at the right time. And of course, we make it easy and painless for you to steer content and campaigns, and track results.

Are you planning a product or solution launch, or just interested to learn more? Watch the replay of our webinar where you will learn more about the Start Right – Finish Well methodology and how to take your launch to the next level.

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