November 30

Industry News | Seizing the ABM Opportunity: Prospects and Priorities for 2022

By Isabel Roco

November 30, 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) continues to have a significant impact on B2B companies. What account-based marketing tactics would work best in 2022? The ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA discuss the quantitative and qualitative results of their survey.

Key takeaways from Seizing the ABM Opportunity, Prospects and Priorities for 2022:

  • 72% of companies say ABM delivers higher ROI than other types of marketing
  • 70% say ABM principles are influencing the way we do all marketing today
  • ABM challenges include mass customization, educating sales on the ABM process and value, personalizing marketing to key contacts at each account
  • 84% of ABM leaders showed measurable business improvement in revenue
  • 42% of program leaders are significantly more aligned with sales
  • 52% of ABM leaders develop tools, templates and processes for reuse and sharing
  • ABM leaders value staff development and are more proficient across a variety of skills
  • Five areas for ABM program improvement in 2022 include: strategic alignment, sales collaboration, staff development, process excellence, technology and data leverage

Are you ready to try the ABM approach to grow in the B2B space? We would love to partner with you. Schedule a free digital marketing audit or Discovery Call now. Watch the webcast here.

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