May 17

RFID Journal LIVE! 2023 Show Update

By Kelly Stark

May 17, 2023

The recent RFID Journal LIVE! event showcased the latest advancements in RFID technology and its potential applications in various industries. This year’s event was particularly special, as it was the last show for the founder of RFID Journal, Mark Roberti. Despite this, Mark was still present at the show, making connections for everyone and sharing his insights on the future of RFID technology.

The adoption of RFID technology has been steadily growing in the retail industry, with major retailers like Walmart leading the charge. Last year at this time, the supply chain faced disruptions due to the pandemic.  However, this year supply seems manageable as demand is growing. Walmart has recently expanded its RFID tagging mandate beyond apparel to include hard goods, such as home decor, tires, batteries, sporting goods, and more. Walmart’s move brought thousands of new manufacturers that needed to learn more about RFID.  Here is the link to the latest specs  

That’s why we had to ask the experts like Jason CatchingsErnesto Castagnet, and Jon Andresen about how companies are implementing these new changes like RFID, IoT, and AI for organizations. 

We kicked off #RFIDLIVE by visiting with Rod Saunders and Robert Pinell from Intrasonic Technology, Inc., who distribute the great RFID readers and RFID antennas for Convergence Systems Limited.

One exciting product showcased at the event was Positek’s Linen Tag. This flexible RFID tag can be embedded in soft fabric materials, such as napkins, scrubs, and bedding, to improve inventory management in the textile, hospitality, and uniform industry. Positek’s textile solution allows tracking laundry products from the supplier through the cleaning process to the customer, ensuring that products are always properly cleaned and reducing the likelihood of lost or stolen items.

Bluebird’s HF550X RFID reader was also showcased at the event. This handheld RFID reader can be used in harsh environments, making it ideal for warehouses and other industrial settings. The device enables users to read and write RFID tags, improving inventory management and reducing theft losses.

Invengo showcased its full line of mobile RFID readers that can be used to track assets for indoor and outdoor environments. This technology can potentially improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations by enabling real-time tracking of products.

Asygn batteryless sensor technology that can be used to RFID tags and other IoT devices. The technology has the potential to eliminate the need for batteries in RFID tags to measure shock, temperature, vibration and reduce the cost of the technology.

Reliance RFID’s Find-it-Anywhere real-time locating and tracking system is a real-time locating and tracking system that can be used to track assets in indoor and outdoor environments. The technology has the potential to improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations by enabling real-time tracking of products and even cows.

There’s also an enriching panel discussion moderated by our client SML Group’s Chief Technology Officer and Sr. VP RFID Solutions, Dean Frew. He was joined by Johan Stenstrom, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium and Juan José Simán, Project Engineer, Simán. The group discussed how RFID technology is transforming retail operations.

In conclusion, I’ve attended almost every RFID Journal LIVE! event and once again this year didn’t disappoint. The expansion of Walmart’s RFID tagging mandate to hard goods is a significant step forward for the industry. The event was made more special as it was the first time my colleague, Donnie Henderson, attended with me.

Next year’s RFID Journal Live! will be on April 9-11 at Las Vegas, NV. It’s never too early to prepare. If you need RFID marketing experts to help you with events and everything in between, schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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