Market Research and Strategy Services


IoT marketing research

Market Research

Forward Vision provides a thorough outlook of the marketplace using analytical and consultative approaches to answering the questions of where to play, how to win, and capabilities required. Market research includes both competitors and customers to uncover market potential, identify customer needs, and recognize external factors that may possibly affect your business. Forward Vision specializes in technology marketing, and while we can can devise a B2B marketing strategy for any business, we especially have our finger on the pulse for market research when it comes to RFID marketing and IoT marketing.


marketing audit

Marketing Audit

Forward Vision’s Digital Marketing Audit includes an analysis of your website, search engine optimization, social media reach, and B2B search engine marketing. We tailor the marketing audit to your industry, competition and target market. The objective of the marketing audit is to assist you to identify what is working, and understand what marketing tactics to employ to reach your goals.


b2b marketing strategy

Strategy Development

B2B marketing strategy Development involves a series of choices. At Forward Vision, we don’t leave the client out of the strategy formation. Instead, we host B2B marketing strategy workshops with your team. The marketing strategy workshop will provide concepts for each strategy component, provide examples, and feature exercises to complete templates that will serve as a framework for the final marketing strategy report. Sessions include examining the core customer and their key values and buying process, competitor analysis, positioning statement development, building a marketing action plan and establishing metrics. The goal of the marketing strategy workshop is to emerge with an effective marketing strategy on where to play, how to win, and how to measure success.


marketing surveys

Marketing Surveys

A marketing survey is an essential part of the marketing research in developing a targeted marketing strategy. The marketing survey reaches out to existing customers, potential customers, and partners to understand their driving needs, influencers, buying processes, and perception of your company. Typically, Forward Vision will perform a quantitative survey to gather high-level information, and then follow up with a qualitative survey to drill down into key areas and capture the voice of the customer. All our clients have reported that the marketing survey was key to determining their B2B marketing strategy.