Explanation Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to get your point across. They make it fun and engaging to learn about new products, processes, inventions, ideas – you name it!

We have a number of different styles available and the examples below are just a few of the many ways to express your idea. Forward Vision will create the complete video including research and script development, concept development, voiceover talent, and of course the animation. The whole process can take as little as three weeks. Very few B2B marketing services will provide start-to-finish video production.

Explainer Video Testimonials

We have created many promotional videos in the realm of RFID and technology. Here’s what our customers have to say about our technology explainer video process:

“Explainer videos helped us convey our message quickly and effectively at an affordable price.” Christine Ball, Midrange

“Our video was creative and the messaging was on target. I’d definitely use them again for online videos.” LaVerne Cerfolio, Tego Inc.

From hand-crafted animations to live action motion graphics, we can explain your story in 2 minutes or less in style.


We can capture and present real-world demos with a video camera, actors, and post-production graphics and screen captures as a way to highlight your services.


Live-Action Animation
This video features cinematography using stop motion graphics.


Motion Graphics Animation
Here we have a Paint My Place video that uses motion graphics animation combined with a hand-drawn illustration style.


Advanced Hand-Crafted Animation
This M# developer language video primarily uses a hand drawn illustration style featuring some motion graphics.


Standard Hand-crafted Animation
Liqueo Inc. tells their story with hand-crafted animation.