Digital Marketing Scorecard

This website scorecard gauges the effectiveness of a site for marketing purposes according to best practices. Forward Vision utilizes the following questions to measure how effectively a website is being used to attract, engage, inform and convert customers.


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Minimal Impact
0 Points
Are you using search advertising methods like Google AdWords or other ads to generate traffic to the site?
Is there a blog, and is the blog being used effectively to drive traffic to the site?
Are there newsletters or emails being used to collaborate or communicate with existing clients and prospects?
Is it easy to find testimonials or customer reviews on the site?
Does the site have a newsroom with frequent updates such as press releases?
Does the site contain prominent calls to action that lead visitors toward completing specific goals?
How easy is it to search and find information on the site?
How well does the website differentiate the firm from its competitors?
Are there videos on the website explaining the company and/or its products?
Does the website contain detailed information sources such as white papers or case studies?