January 5

Industry News | Gartner Marketing Predictions 2022: Forging New Connections

By Isabel Roco

January 5, 2022

Gartner’s 2022 marketing predictions acknowledge that the pandemic forced many interactions to move online and this created overlaps between customer and provider, commercial and social interactions. This year’s marketing predictions hinge on this digital ascendance and what marketing leaders need to know now to flourish in 2022 and beyond.

Gartner’s six marketing predictions for 2022 are:

Prediction 1: Digital Users Express Opt-Out Ambivalence 

Many expected the collapse of online tracking but Gartner predicts the opt-out rate for mobile app tracking will decline 25% from 85% to 60% by 2023. Consumers realize untargeted ads can lead to more low-quality content. Marketers should take this as an opportunity to give their customer base compelling reasons to opt-in.

Prediction 2: Workplace Flexibility Opens the Door to Advertisers 

Workplace flexibility affected employees’ routines. Gartner expects remote and hybrid workers to spend 20% more time watching videos during the day. Marketers should review their media plans to optimize timing changes and even explore audio to target those who might still be listening while working.

Prediction 3: Employee Advocacy Drives Brand Credibility 

Gartner predicts that 90% of B2B social media strategies will incorporate employee advocacy programs. According to LinkedIn, when employees share content, it has a 200% higher click-through rate compared to when the company shares it. Marketing leaders can capitalize on this by establishing the company’s B2B social marketing strategies aimed at building trust and arming employees with content to share.

Prediction 4: B2B Sales Merges the Best of Digital and Human Methods 

Gartner shares that by 2025, 20% of B2B companies will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to connect sales reps with customers during digital commerce interactions. The pandemic pushed forward a digital-first B2B buying trend. Both ends of the transactions expect website sales to overtake human-led sales by 2023. Marketing teams can create a smooth self-service digital experience for customers while helping inject the human element at the right time to close deals.

Prediction 5: Virtual Influencers Disrupt Celebrity-Led Programs With the Promise of Greater Control 

Virtual influencers will have 30% of the influencer and celebrity budgets by 2026. Computer-animated personalities are popular in Asia and starting to gain momentum in the US. Marketing strategists can explore how virtual influencers can impact their organization.

Prediction 6: Your Customer’s Favorite Store Is a Social Platform 

Sixty percent of millennials and Gen Z will prefer buying on social platforms versus traditional digital commerce by 2026. Younger consumers value convenience and discovery. TikTok, Instagram and Twitter are encouraging social commerce. Marketers can use social content strategies to attract customers most likely to buy on social platforms.

Read the full report here. Does your company need help in navigating the fast-changing world of digital marketing? We can help. Start by requesting a free digital marketing audit or Discovery Call now. 

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