January 12

Industry News | Gartner’s Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Vision 2023

By Isabel Roco

January 12, 2023

Gartner has released its 2023 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Leadership Guide, which outlines the trends CMOs face in the new year, what to prioritize, and consequent actions to win:

1. Unpredictable Digital Buying Behaviors

Customers’ digital buying behaviors are changing. Shopping activities are affected by inflation, privacy concerns, and more. CMOs can provide high-value personalization across the entire customer journey. Maximize the value for you and your customers on digital platforms during the whole experience by fine-tuning your coordination and using personalized engagement techniques guided by your customers’ preferences.

2. Burdensome Cross-Functional Complexity

Research shows few marketers prefer independent planning, but then independent planning drives more revenue growth. CMOs should evaluate new cross-functional operating models. Adjust your marketing team’s structure and expertise to align with evolving cross-functional operations by determining areas where marketing should have primary or shared authority and implementing the most appropriate operating model for each core capability. Does an in-house agency model align with the organization’s structure? Would a shared services model improve workflow management?

3. Disruptive Market and Audience Dynamics

The traditional pathways to brand value have shifted. 53% of audiences place less emphasis on selecting a widely recognized brand than three years ago. For optimal use of their budget, CMOs should focus on balancing personal and functional brand benefits. To foster loyalty in a constantly changing environment, CMOs must demonstrate the worth of their brand through experiences. This can be achieved by creating a singular, impactful experience on digital or non-digital platforms.

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