December 6

Industry News | Deloitte Insights: 2022 Global Marketing Trends

By Isabel Roco

December 6, 2021

Pandemic recovery continued this year with customer focus at the forefront. What’s in store for 2022? Here are the key takeaways from Deloitte’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends Report:

  • 66% of high-growth brands are using purpose to gain competitive advantage
  • 57% of global consumers indicated they are more loyal to brands that address social inequities
  • The shift to remote work during the pandemic can be a catalyst to tap into a new talent pool to fill in gaps and have more diverse ideas
  • 61% of high-growth brands are switching to first-party data
  • Data-driven experiences need to balance being helpful and the need for privacy. 53% of consumers consider active listening creepy.
  • 75% of executives are planning to invest in hybrid experiences in 2022
  • Customer service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide a real end-to-end experience for consumers

Read the full report here. Do you need help navigating the ever-changing marketing landscape? Forward Vision Marketing is a Dallas-based B2B marketing agency but has helped global technology companies expand their marketing reach. We would love to partner with you. Book a complimentary Discovery call or a free online presence analysis.

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