Forward Vision Marketing Presenting at IoT Global Innovation Forum in Portland

We are looking forward to speaking at the IoT Global Innovation Forum in Portland, July 10-11th.  There will be lots of technology companies and commercial, government, healthcare and industrial corporations coming together to share leading edge Internet of Things (IoT) ideas for improving our healthcare, environment, cities and lives.  While we all know that these great technology ideas will be shaping the future, we don’t want to gloss over the fact that humans aren’t exactly receptive to change, especially when it comes to technology. According to Cisco Survey, almost 75 percent of IoT projects fail due to poor adoption. In the Wednesday panel, Kelly Stark, principal of Forward Vision, Steve Griffith, industrial director of connected systems at NEMA, and Kevin Tate, chief revenue officer at Rigado, will be hosting a forum on Looking Forward: Ensuring IoT Success. 

Educational Marketing Approach for Ensuring IoT Success

Even as reports cite 29% of organizations globally and across all industries have adopted IoT, most small to medium size businesses are unsure how disruptive IoT technology would be to their business and if there is a significant return on investment.  Therefore, your IoT marketing needs to help companies overcome these psychological barriers to change.  It is important to engage your prospects at every step and do so in a non-intrusive manner in order to win their trust.

The idea behind Forward Vision’s Educational Marketing Approach is to make potential customers comfortable with the IoT technology you are offering.   We focus on the target user to make it easy for them to understand the ROI and make it easy to implement.  There are various ways to achieve that goal and we are living in the age of the internet, where your target audience moves between channels. The Educational Marketing Approach works with your sales team throughout the buying process from information gathering, evaluation, purchasing, and post purchase implementation to achieve better conversion rates and adoption.

If you can’t make the IoT Global Innovation conference, listen to our IoT webinar on Educational Marketing Strategies for Technology Roll-Outs or download the IoT Global Educational Webinar presentation on SlideShare.  Of course, feel free to contact us directly to find out how our Educational Marketing Strategy can help ensure successful of your product or service.