May 18

Forward Vision Marketing Named Most Outstanding Tech-Focused Marketing Consultant 2021

By Becky Breining

May 18, 2021

U.K.-based Corporate Vision Magazine has chosen Forward Vision Marketing as its 2021 Most Outstanding Tech-Focused Marketing Consultant. The magazine recognized the Dallas-based business-to-business marketing agency for its “exceptional marketing prowess, knowledge of technology, and global reach.”

“Forward Vision’s record of creating strong brands and innovative marketing solutions in the wireless technology industry is well-deserving of this recognition,” the announcement said.

Founder and Principal Kelly Stark said the Corporate Vision award recognizes the hard work her team has done over the last year to make the agency a leader. “We’re not your average marketing agency,” she said. “We’re a team of senior-level professionals, each with a background in technology, who solve problems like engineers and understand how to best communicate technical products and solutions.”

Forward Vision specializes in helping companies launch new products and services, as well as grow the customer base of well-established tech companies. In 2020, it served companies in RFID, telecom, IoT, cloud services, and mobile solution markets — despite the difficult pandemic economy, Stark said.

One of the proven methodologies used at Forward Vision to help technology companies grow is the “Start Right – Finish Well” launch management process. Because a product, service, or market launch involves dozens of moving parts, sharp leaders understand the importance of creating the right messaging for their target customers and putting together a cohesive sales and marketing plan out of what appears to be chaos to reach their sales goals. 

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