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Digital Marketing 

Are you planning your B2B marketing strategy and unsure what marketing tactics to employ to reach your goal? Are you unclear about what works and what doesn’t? If so, now is the time to consider a digital marketing audit

For a limited time, Forward Vision Marketing will perform a free digital media audit. This customized digital marketing audit will analyze your online presence and provide suggestions on meeting best practices, especially for technology marketing.

Find out where you stand and what tactics you need to deploy to reach your goal. We will provide a thorough review of your website and social media presence to uncover customer needs and recognize external factors that may be affecting your business.

The Digital Marketing Audit Scorecard includes:
- Branding & Content
- Best Practice UX Design 
- PPC Advertising
- Competitor Analysis
- Social Media
- Website Performance

Our first step for you is to identify what you are doing right and then we will make suggestions on what improvements to do to meet your goals.  We aren't cranking out an auto report.  We take a personalized approach to make the recommendations that make sense for your business.  Fill out the form below for your free digital marketing audit.

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our marketing audit:

1. What is a digital marketing audit?

Forward Vision Marketing has a custom process that will review your online presence and provide a scorecard that identifies what is working and what needs improvement to reach your goals.

2. Why do a digital marketing audit?

The first step in creating a B2B marketing strategy is to assess where you currently stand. Forward Vision provides a benchmark assessment that can pinpoint the key areas that need improvement within your B2B search engine marketing, technology corporate branding, and much more.   

3. What will the digital marketing audit cost?

The cost is free – Forward Vision Marketing will conduct the audit and will gather the information required to minimize your time. Just fill out the form to get started.

4. When should we do a digital marketing audit?

If your company’s goal is to increase sales and B2B lead creation, then let’s get started today.

5. Who will conduct the audit?

Forward Vision Marketing will conduct the marketing audit and prepare a report for your company. Our team has extensive marketing experience, and we are experts in digital marketing. Just fill out the form to get started.

6. How do we get started with the free digital marketing audit?

It is easy to get started. Just fill out the request form and we will contact you to understand your goals and gather the data required to complete the audit.

7. How comprehensive is the digital marketing audit?

The Audit Scorecard includes:

– Keywords


– Website Traffic

– Social Media

– Branding & Content

– Best Practice UX Design

– Website Functionality

– Competitive Analysis

8. What tools should I use to complete a digital marketing audit?

Conducting a digital marketing audit entails using different tools, including software and apps for website analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), social media analytics, and more. With Forward Vision Marketing’s free digital marketing audit, you won’t have to invest in all these tools because for a limited time, we will provide you with a complimentary digital marketing audit. Just provide us with your company website, at least three competitors and their websites, and other relevant information you want to share.

9. What should a digital marketing audit include?

A comprehensive digital marketing audit should cover various aspects of your online presence. The key components include website analysis, content review, SEO analysis, paid advertising review, social media presence, email marketing assessment, competitor analysis, and more. For a limited time, Forward Vision Marketing is offering a free digital marketing audit that covers a comprehensive list of topics to help evaluate where your company is in terms of your digital marketing presence and how you can improve.

10. How long is the digital marketing audit process?

The process can take as short as a week, depending on the depth of information to analyze. 

11. What is the catch of the free digital marketing audit?

No catch. The marketing audit is completely free. We hope that the audit process will allow your company to evaluate Forward Vision Marketing and consider utilizing Forward Vision’s B2B marketing services to reach your goals.

12. What is Forward Vision Marketing?

Forward Vision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that understands technology and how to best achieve results in a business-to-business marketplace. We specialize in communicating technical product features to the customer, accomplishing clear business objectives, and measuring the results. For more information about Forward Vision Marketing, you can read more about us or set up a complimentary Discovery Call to see how we can help you move your vision forward. #WeSpeakTech

Take Your Vision Forward

Get rid of your daily headaches. Focus on what got you here - innovative technology, inspiring ideals and first-rate customer service - and keep working on your next big idea. As for your marketing needs, drop us a line. We’ll take your vision forward.