Customer Centricity

Marketing Trends Countdown for 2019

#10 – Customer Centricity will Drive Transformation

Customer Centricity essentially means understanding what change your company brings to those who use your products and services, what challenges you are solving for your clients, and how your clients react to what you are offering.  The CMO Council reports that “only 14 percent of marketers say that customer centricity is a hallmark of their companies, and only 11 percent believe their customers would agree with that characterization.”

Putting your customer at the core of your business is what it is all about. Besides providing great customer service, companies should offer a great experience throughout each customer interaction, from the awareness stage through the purchasing process, all the way to post-purchase. Significant transformation must be motivated by offering a better experience, both for the client and the employees.

First, listen to your customer: What do they want? How do they want it? Why did they select you?  What are the benefits for them?  What do they think about your company? What would the like to see better? What concerns them?

Today we can have access to an enormous amount of customer information through technological advancements. Leveraging an independent marketing firm can help gather those responses in a more confidential way and allow you to obtain a better understanding of customers’ respective decisions and behaviors. The implementation of our target marketing strategies is a prerequisite for Customer Centricity to ultimately improve the efficiency of the entire business.

New technologies play a fundamental role. The conversations between users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slideshare, etc., offer the possibility of conducting market studies in real time. If you have not considered this yet, realize you now have the opportunity to study trends, get to know your customers further, and differentiate yourself; creating new and better experiences for your target audience.

This is where the new construct, born of data-based science, enters the scene, commonly dubbed Big Data. Thanks to the collection of personal data from blogs, websites, and social networks, among other sources, we can gather and utilize a massive  amount of information about customers and potential customers, which allows companies to offer, very specifically, what the public needs, increasing the likelihood of a client acquisition and/or purchase.

Further, a customer-centric company is one that is created and adapted around customer experience and does not think only about satisfying one specific need at the point of purchase. In other words, it is about devoting more resources to the analysis, innovation, and improvement of the entire Consumer Experience, increasing the prospects of repeat purchases, customer retention, and a favorable marketplace reputation.

Customer-centric oriented companies are those that pay attention to market dynamics, refine sales techniques, study holistic customer needs, and analyze their competitive advantages. They are market focused companies, working with their internal marketing department, an external marketing agency, or a combination of both, to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy in this age of Big Data.

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