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1 Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 6: Website Functionality

website functionalityWebsite functionality is vital to your online success. Put simply, if elements of your site don’t function properly, visitors will leave. Because you only have a few short seconds to make a good impression on visitors and have them continue to browse – and perhaps even convert – on your site, you have to maintain optimal site performance.

Website functionality deals with issues such as broken links, coding errors, server problems and browser compatibility. Everything needs to work as expected, including your outbound links, page load times, contact forms and more. If you’ve taken a look at your site analytics and noticed a very high bounce rate, investigating your website functionality is a great place to start. Continue reading

Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 5: Competitive Analysis

competitive analysis

Measuring your online presence and deciding on marketing strategies can often become a very insular process. Endlessly scrutinizing your own analytics data is like watching one inning of a baseball game: by itself, it can be very hard to tell if your team is winning or losing. Context is everything. Therefore, you need to have some idea of how your competition is doing. Competitive analysis will give you the data you need to make informed decisions about keywords, content, design, SEO and much more. Learning what helps to make your competitors successful can provide inspiration for your own strategies as your site grows. Continue reading

Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 4: Keywords


In our last post, we discussed search engine marketing (SEM) and how it can help increase conversions by getting the right people to visit your website. In general, SEM involves promoting your site in search engine results to users who have searched for keywords you’ve paid to target. This type of pay-per-click advertising is available through a number of high-traffic channels, including Google, YouTube and Facebook.
In order to get your SEM campaign started on the right foot, you will need to determine which keywords will bring high levels of relevant traffic to your site. Of course, keeping your campaign within its budget is also important. Continue reading