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The Best Way to Target Customers is Geofencing and IP Targeting

If you want to target customers who are interested in your brand and ready to buy, you should rely on two strategies: geofencing and IP Targeting.

What is Geofencing?

When you take advantage of geofencing, you use GPS or RFID to create a geographic boundary. When people cross that boundary, it triggers an automatic messages or alert that is sent to their phone via text, email, or push notification. Geofencing is a way to communicate with customers and potential customers within a specific geographic area, which is a smart way to target the people who are doing an activity related to what your business sells or are near your retail store and potentially thinking about making a purchase. Continue reading

Online Lead Generation, Part 7: E-books

According to the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61 percent of B2B marketers say their biggest challenge is generating high-quality leads. Also, eighty-five percent of B2B marketers in general say their most important content marketing goal in 2016 is lead generation. So, the majority of marketers in technology and other industries are looking to generate leads using content. One of the best content types to achieve these goals involves long-form content such as e-books, white papers or guides.

E-books can be used in content marketing strategies for virtually any company. As long as your e-books are well-written, well-designed, advertised properly, and provide real solutions to problems, you’ll find that they can be excellent for moving prospects through your sales funnel. Continue reading

Online Lead Generation, Part 2: Split Testing

split testing

If you are currently implementing several different Internet marketing methods to grow your business but are having difficulty determining which ones are most effective, you’re likely not getting as many leads as you could be. It’s important to analyze every element of your website and advertising campaign so that you’re getting the maximum amount of traffic, leads and conversions from your efforts. Split testing allows you to discover the effect that every component of your campaign has on your customers and their movement throughout the sales funnel. Continue reading

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