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Is There an Engineer Inside You?

Is There an Engineer Inside You?As a partner in the efforts to promote engineering to our youth, Forward Vision Marketing wants to share this great guide “Is There an Engineer Inside You?” 

Please check out the guide to engineering career and share the following link with students, teachers, librarians, counselors, parents, etc.

“Is There an Engineer Inside You?” In Classrooms

In a nutshell, engineering and technology degrees are altruistic (you can make a better world), confidence building (the hard work pays off), expansive (all degrees in STEM can lead to diverse opportunities) and inventive. As a technology B2B marketing firm, Forward Vision Marketing wants to put this resource in the hands of as many students as possible.

Connect with North Texas Schools for STEM and Marketing

STEMI just attended the Rockwall ISD STEM advisory meeting and want to share the exciting programs that are already happening in our schools and how we industry folks can help.

Schools like Rockwall are looking to have business representatives like you to help them shape this program.  Rockwall is among several North Texas Schools that have Career Technical Education CTE programs.    For the 2014-2015 school year, Rockwall ISD will offer 82 career-related courses in 19 programs of study in Business & Industry, Public Service and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

In order to make these career programs students need to have interaction with business professionals to learn what careers in these programs are like.  I know when I was in school, I had no idea what an engineer did but I was crazy enough to pick it as a major.  Now students can get an intro to engineering and work through some real world engineering problems.  Here’s a link to an article where I spoke at an All Girl’s Robotic Camp at Collins Community College.

To get involved with your local North Texas schools, please go to and register as a volunteer.  STEMfire is a free tool connecting industry professionals to educators in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in North Texas.

Forward Vision Marketing is part of the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC)  that helped develop the STEMfire tool.  Our mission to inspire students to pursue STEM careers to prepare them for the next generation workforce.

RFID Journal Live! 2014: Update From Kelly Stark

RFID Journal Live! 2014 had a good showing this year, surpassing last years’ show in attendance with over 2800 attendees. The booths were packed and we know that some exhibitors walked away with close to 250 leads filled with real opportunities.

There was some interesting RFID marketing and RFID industry news this year, with Zebra buying up Motorola’s enterprise mobility business for $3.45 billion. The huge price tag is a good signal that AIDC has a good future. Airbus, Marks & Spencer, and Bechtel all announced expansions of their programs.

Other big news out of RFID Live! was the announcement of RAIN RFID Alliance started by AIM Global, Impinj, Smartrac, Intel and Google. I won’t be surprised to see the RAIN logo “raining” over the next year’s show as more people replace the mouthful “UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2” with simply “RAIN”.

As part of our marketing efforts, we created some technology explainer videos of our clients’ “coolest demos.” Below is a demo featuring myself with the new FEIG OBID Blade Reader.

FEIG’s OBID Blade Reader at RFID Journal Live! 2014