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Online Lead Generation, Part 4: Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is an incredibly important strategy that should be part of any lead generation plan. While some marketing experts proclaim that email marketing is a dying technique that’s becoming less and less effective, it can’t be denied that a whopping 89 percent of marketers said that email marketing was their primary channel for lead generation in 2015.

However, one of the reasons that people perceive email marketing to have a low ROI involves the fact that many marketers simply do not put in the time and thought required to make their campaign successful. For example, 42 percent of email marketers don’t use any segmentation or targeting methods – all of their subscribers receive the same emails. Twenty-four percent of marketers don’t even manage the quality of the contacts on their email list. To be successful, you must track and monitor how your email campaigns perform among the various demographics you’re targeting. (more…)

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Online Lead Generation, Part 2: Split Testing

split testing

If you are currently implementing several different Internet marketing methods to grow your business but are having difficulty determining which ones are most effective, you’re likely not getting as many leads as you could be. It’s important to analyze every element of your website and advertising campaign so that you’re getting the maximum amount of traffic, leads and conversions from your efforts. Split testing allows you to discover the effect that every component of your campaign has on your customers and their movement throughout the sales funnel. (more…)

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Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 9: Email Marketing

email marketingThere are some who say email marketing is an outdated technique that’s no longer useful for increasing brand exposure and getting leads. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth – a finely-tuned email marketing campaign will not only increase clickthrough rates to your website, it can also boost sales for the products or services you provide. Like any method of building your online presence, however, email marketing requires plenty of planning and forethought. (more…)

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