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SEO Art or Science

The Story of SEO: Science, Art or Both?

When you’re seeking SEO, you’re chasing a moving target, at least to a degree. In the quest for SEO supremacy, the only thing that’s guaranteed is change. Yesterday’s techniques fade as new priorities emerge. Change rewards the nimble while penalizing the entrenched. Navigating the SEO landscape makes it feel like a minefield at times. Don’t forget that your competition faces the same challenges, however.

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Marketing in a Recession

Top Five Strategies for Marketing in a Recession

A long time ago, at a university not too far away, I had a public relations professor that said in an economic downturn, one of the worst choices a business could make was to drop their advertising and marketing.Today, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing guidelines, I couldn’t agree more because as a consumer, I have no idea how most companies have responded to this crisis.

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