Build your Business and Manage Your Own Brand

Learn how to reach people post-COVID

You can either ignore your company and personal brand and let it develop organically, possibly chaotically, or you can help message your brand to depict who you want to be and how you help the world.

The rules of branding have changed.  Kelly Stark, founder of Forward Vision Marketing, will talk about the power of branding, what it means to have your own personal brand, and the key strategies to grow visibility for your personal brand and your company brand. 

This will be a very interactive workshop with tips you can use right away.   During the workshop, you will complete your personal brand guide and then we will take a quiz to lead you to the next steps on how to attract business leads, new jobs and grow your brand via LinkedIn.

We typically charge $450 for this workshop but now offering free registration to help you build your business during this difficult economy.

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