Free Marketing Audit Offer

Are you starting to plan your B2B marketing strategy and not sure what marketing tactics to employ to reach your goal? Are you unsure about what works and what doesn’t? If so, then now is the time for you to think about a marketing audit.

Lucky for you, Forward Vision is offering an audit at no cost. Our free Marketing Audit includes your website, search engine, and social media presence. We tailor the marketing audit to your industry, competition, and target market.

Still reluctant to commit? Here’s a list of FAQs about our marketing audit.

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Social Media Exploding in IT

Forward Vision B2B CommunicationsRecently, a new company from China wanted to launch in the US market and decided to try social media marketing instead of a traditional marketing strategy.  The company, Xerafy, leveraged nearly every type of social media that exists to build a substantial brand. Employees and partners published weekly blogs along with Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In posts. Xerafy focused on fueling end-customer conversations by providing basic whitepapers on applications from IT-Data center re-architecture to tool tracking. Simple YouTube videos showing their products averaged 100 views in the first month to thousands in the first year. Xerafy started in 2010 with a forward vision for leveraging social networks for their RFID tags and now have a global sales channel with $5 million in funding.

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Top Ways to Use Social Media for Tradeshow Promotion

Tweet Up for Tradeshow Promotion

Tweet Up during Tradeshow

Registrants can become your greatest asset for tradeshow promotion

There are several new solutions available that allow attendees and exhibitors to spread the word and become the advocate of your event and market it to their peers.  This is often referred to as crowdsourcing and it is a fantastic approach to create awareness – spreading the word to the attendees’ own social media communities. Through a very simple exhibitor invite system, tradeshow management is able extend an invitation to the contacts that your exhibitors would like to show up on the floor. With some very simple API hooks into the social media platforms, events are now able to extend the invitation to register for an event beyond the the typical catch-all B2B email marketing methods. Now the invitation is from either a peer or a trusted business connection.

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