Leveraging Your Marketing Content

marketing contentContent creation can be one of the most challenging tasks for marketers. In this digital age, we are always in need of fresh original content for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, websites, and ads. To maximize your marketing content, Forward Vision Marketing has a high tech writer that can create – then repurpose – content for many different uses. For instance, a whitepaper could be split up and used for several different blog posts, and shorter content can be highlighted not only on your website, but also in tweets, on Facebook, and in ads.

For more suggestions on how to leverage your marketing content for B2B lead creation, listen to the recorded webinar from the PR Newswire Online Marketing Summit: Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing

(Click here to download the presentation slides.)

Forward Vision Marketing Joins International Business Concierge Program

business concierge programForward Vision Marketing has a history of helping international businesses succeed in the United States. This week, we joined the Richardson International Business Concierge Program to help non-US companies establish their U.S. business operations in Richardson, Texas. Mike Skelton, Director, Mayor’s Office of International Business, heads the program and helps international businesses quickly connect with all the resources and consultants to provide legal assistance, banking, accounting, translation, etc.

International clients maybe wondering, “why Richardson, Texas?” Richardson, Texas is a suburb of Dallas, Texas and is known as the “telecom corridor” due to its high telecomm and technology business concentrations in the United States. Located about 30 miles from downtown Dallas, Richardson has the highest concentration of technology workers. Some of Richardson’s high profile international businesses include Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, ZTE, Amdocs, and more. Richardson is an ideal central location for international businesses with easy travel to either U.S. coast and next to DFW airport – the 4th busiest airport in the world.

Forward Vision Marketing is a part of the International Business Concierge Program to provide B2B marketing services from start-up strategy, marketing analysis and business plan review, website development, translation services, brochure and data sheet development, social media, B2B email marketing and much more.

Are you struggling to find the best way to enter the US market? Give Forward Vision Marketing a call to help find the right market strategy for your business.

Setting Goals for the New Year with a Free Marketing Audit

marketing audit scorecardForward Vision Marketing, LLC, provides a free marketing audit to help companies discover their website’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to industry competitors and how to make improvements for better B2B lead creation and conversion. The free marketing audit includes a thorough analysis of a company’s website content, functionality, search engine performance, social media presence and overall B2B marketing strategy. Forward Vision Marketing tailors the marketing audit to the client’s industry, competition and target market.

Forward Vision’s marketing audit includes a ten-point scorecard that reviews keywords, SEO/SEM , google analytics, social media, website branding, website content, best practice UX design, overall functionality, and mobile accessibility. The market value of the audit is $1800, but for a limited time, Forward Vision Marketing is offering this as a free, no-obligation service.

“The marketing audit provided us the insights and analysis of how our website is performing versus our competitors when it comes to search engine ranking and website traffic,” said Jerry Garrett, Managing Director of Convergence Systems Limited. “The assessment pinpointed the key areas to improve and gave us a strategy of how to make improvements quickly.”

“Now is the perfect time for companies to get a benchmark of their digital marketing brand in order to create plans and establish metrics to easier reach their target sales goals in 2013,” said Jorg Deckerhibbel, Principal at Forward Vision Marketing, LLC.

The marketing audit is free and it’s easy to get started. Just fill out the request form at ForwardVision.net and we will contact you to better understand your goals and gather the data required to complete the audit. The process can take as short as a week depending on the depth of information to analyze.

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