Meet Forward Vision Marketing at RFID Journal LIVE! and MRO Americas Show

Forward Vision Marketing at RFID Journal Live and MRO Americas

We are looking forward to attending 2018 RFID Journal LIVE! Show and MRO Americas Show in Orlando Florida April 10-12th. Yes, we will be walking twenty thousand steps a day as we try to support our clients at both shows.  Please let us know if you will be attending so we can arrange a time to talk since we don’t have a booth!

In addition, we will be conducting a technology B2B marketing survey at the show to report on what technology companies think is working in business-to-business marketing and how they like to measure results. You can take our short Digital Marketing Survey online and enter to win one of our multiple $100 Amazon gift cards giveaways. Also, participants can enjoy a free pair of shades since Forward Vision is Your Vision to the Future!  (more…)

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Good Cause Marketing by Promoting STEM for Technology Companies

Good Cause Marketing by Promoting STEM

With Millennials at the helm of the population who has buying power, trends are changing. Today, more buyers than ever are interested in brands that are socially conscious and do some good for the world; in fact, a study by Nielsen shows that brands that display a commitment to social causes are more likely to build a loyal following and even increase their market share, and that more than 40 percent of North Americans and Europeans are more likely to buy from socially responsible brands that brands that are not, according to a 2015 Nielsen survey.

So, if you run a company that is related to science or technology, you can grow your customer base and attract new leads by positioning yourself as a socially-conscious organization. If your science product or service can be shown to help benefit the world, you can leverage your marketing efforts to bring in new customers and build a respected, well-liked reputation for your brand.

Here are some ways that you may be able to paint your technology business as a values-based brand. (more…)

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Educational Marketing Strategy for Technology Companies

Humans aren’t exactly receptive to change, especially when it comes to technology. According to estimates, almost 70 percent of IoT, RFID and IT projects fail due to low user-adoption. If users aren’t adopting your technologically superior solution, you are bound to have dismal sales. That’s where taking an educational marketing approach can give you rich dividends.

Almost 40 percent of users cite insufficient knowledge about available IoT and RFID solutions in the market as the reason for low adoption rates. Other common factors for justifying low adoption rates of new technologies are aversion to change, poor dissemination of information, technological complexity and unproven ROI.

How Educational Marketing Solves the Challenge of User Adoption


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