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New Gmail Tabbed Inbox Spells Trouble for Email Marketers… And An Opportunity!

Gmail Tabbed Inbox Video

Gmail Tabbed Inbox Video

The tabbed inbox feature of Gmail is making a lot of news of late. It is a feature in Gmail’s webmail client and other Gmail apps for Android and iOS that sorts email by their content type and then automatically relocates the message from the inbox into one of four tabs: Primary, Social, Updates and Forums. The Primary tab displays messages from family and friends; the Promotions tab receives deals, offers, sale and discount emails; the Social tab is for messages from social networks, and the Update tab is for receipts, statements, bills and other similar stuff.

For B2B email marketing, the main fallout of the tabbed system is that newsletters that would have previously caught the eyes of email readers by getting placed in the inbox no longer get that privilege since they are now being automatically placed in the Promotions tab.

The system is good for users, but for companies pitching to Google’s 425 million Gmail users it is bad—very bad. The Promotions tab (and other tabs) creates a blind spot for many users. Even if users do see the tabs, they might be much less inclined to click on them to find the latest news from their favorite company. Newsletter open rates are therefore bound to decline.

On the other hand, even when a newsletter is opened from the inbox section, the user does so mechanically, often without bothering to read the content. With the new tabbed inbox feature in gmail, only users who are actively looking for promotional offers will go to the promotional tab and open those messages. The likelihood of a click-through from newsletter to website will consequently increase for those users perusing the promotions tab.

It is important to note that these changes only affect gmail users who access their email via Google’s email web interface. Business-to-business email marketing accounts will not be affected by this change, nor will gmail users who access their email using third-party email applications such as Outlook or Mac Mail.

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Explainer Videos Engage Customers

Are you having trouble with getting your point across to your potential clients? Is your website suffering from high bounce rates? Have you finally discovered that those big long paragraphs are almost never gonna get read?

According to the Associate Press, the percent of words read on an average (593 words) web page is only 28%. It is obvious that your products won’t get explained in the best way with those 28%. And as attention spans of online users become shorter and shorter, there needs to be a new way for companies to market their products and enhance the online experience for customers in an engaging way. This is especially true in the world of technology marketing, where products can require significant explanation for a typical internet user to understand what they do.

In case you haven’t heard, animated explainer videos are the new rage in online video marketing these days. The average length watched for a single internet video is about 3 minutes, which could cover all 593 words of your content. Plus, compared to words on a page, explainer videos can provide a much more interesting experience and possibly a more lasting impact.

If you are now seeking a way to create an explainer video without blowing all your marketing budget – fantastic! You’ve come to the right place. At Forward Vision, our mission is to provide eye catching technology explainer videos at the absolute lowest prices.

Check out our video portfolio with animation styles ranging from standard hand crafted, advanced hand crafted, motion graphics, and live action graphics.


Creating Explainer Videos

The process for creating a technology explainer video is simple:

  1. Tell us about your business
  2. We develop a draft of the script
  3. You provide feedback
  4. We adjust the script and write up the illustration ideas.
  5. You provide feedback
  6. We illustrate
  7. You provide feedback
  8. We shoot and edit the video and record the voice over.
  9. You provide feedback
  10. We deliver your video in HD format or any format you require.


Once we begin your video, the turnaround time is typically 3 weeks.  So contact us now to get started!

Dallas Women-Owned Small Business Opportunities

Did you know that today, Monday, June 17, kicks off National Small Business Week in the US?  To mark the occasion, we want to share with you some small business tips we learned last week at a women-owned small business (WOSB) meeting conducted by Congresswomen Eddie Bernice Johnson. We learned a termendous amount about how to apply for government contracting. While Forward Vision Marketing, LLC is a WOSB specializing in technology marketing, we were not registered in the SAM, System for Award Management. Fortunately, it is easy to create an account in the SAM website.

Applying For Women-Owned Small Business Certification

After registering in SAM, we had to apply for Women-Owned Small Business certification at: We also learned that there are local offices in North Texas that can help guide us through the qualification process. These offices include:

North Texas Small Business Development Center

Women’s Business Council Southwest (WBCS)

North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE)

We are still in the process of becoming WSOB certified. We hope the classification will be valuable for winning potential government contracts and for appealing to our RFID marketing, IoT marketing, and other technology marketing clients who want to support women-owned small business.