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Marketing STEM Education

Forward Vision Marketing is involved in several initiatives, connecting industry to programs that support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. We see an exciting trend in education today, focusing on more projects based learning that teaches students real world problem solving skills.

Just like any company, the education system needs a marketing plan that creates awareness around it and fosters communication between all the different stakeholders involved. As part of the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) STEM charter, Forward Vision Marketing is helping to market STEM education.

We participated in a STEM workshop that included ISD STEM coordinators around the North Texas Area and key industry leaders such as Cisco and Texas Instruments. The goal of the workshop was to build connections, engage with the ISD community, and establish a plan to create awareness around the program.

I was inspired to meet coordinators such as Sam Farsaii, Director of Instructional Technology for Irving ISD, and find out what the Irving ISD system is doing to better prepare and inspire students to pursue post-secondary education in STEM subjects.

Also involved was Martha Hogan, Executive Dean of the Richland Community College School of Engineering, Business, and Technology. She is helping high school students gain college credits in STEM courses and advise them on their college path. Martha has also traveled to China, Finland, and many more in an effort to help countries replicate the model that Richland Community College has developed.

I also met another kindred spirit in Dr. David Vinson from Wylie ISD. He was a marketer in his previous life and understands how critical a strong marketing program is to the success of the MTBC STEM initiative. One of his strategies is to share past student success stories to inspire current students and help them realize that they also have what it takes to getting a STEM degree.

For more information about the MTBC STEM initiatives, to volunteer or join MTBC STEM Team e-mail Pam Krause or call 972-792-2859.

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Google Analytics Certified

google analytics certified

For businesses, understanding the online behavior of visitors is a great resource for marketing optimization, expanding client base, and even generating revenue. Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics can help you answer important questions such as how much traffic your website is receiving, where your clients are coming from, what your clients are doing on your website, when your clients are most likely to visit, how much revenue they are generating, and much more.

With that in mind, we strive to build a team that creates B2B marketing strategies based on facts uncovered through analytics. And as part of our ongoing educational program, we are happy to announce that Yingyao Xu is officially Google Analytics certified. Yingyao Xu has shown exemplary qualities that any company would search for in an individual: she is hardworking, patient, and perseveres to achieve beyond her known ability.

Yingyao has had several months of experience in managing various clients’ Google Analytics accounts by quickly picking up on the skills necessary to thrive in the field. With her newfound knowledge, she can help serve Forward Vision Marketing by discovering insights about our clients’ customer base and how to best serve them.

Forward Vision Marketing is proud of Yingyao for her many efforts and successes in developing a better understanding of Internet statistics. By passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test, she has represented the many ideals our company stands for.

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