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Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 9: Email Marketing

email marketingThere are some who say email marketing is an outdated technique that’s no longer useful for increasing brand exposure and getting leads. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth – a finely-tuned email marketing campaign will not only increase clickthrough rates to your website, it can also boost sales for the products or services you provide. Like any method of building your online presence, however, email marketing requires plenty of planning and forethought. (more…)

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Measuring Your Online Presence, Part 1: Branding With Design and Content

This post is the first in a multi-part series describing how to measure your online presence. You’ll learn how to analyze the visibility your site currently has on the internet, as well as options for improving your overall exposure. Please check back every 1.5 weeks for the next installment in the series.

measuring your online presence - branding

Developing a good digital presence begins with the appearance and content of your website. Your website is the foundation that supports all of your online marketing approaches. If you don’t have a well-designed, easily navigated site filled with compelling content, it would be pointless to launch marketing campaigns using strategies such as social media or content discovery tools.

Visitors that you do attract will likely just end up bouncing if your site is not engaging. After all, the vast majority of people that visit your site are likely to click away after only 10 to 20 seconds, so you have to provide value immediately. Basically, before trying to get people to your site, you have to make sure that your site is worth getting to. (more…)

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White Papers Crucial for B2B Marketing In Technical Industries

No business should underestimate the importance of white papers when it comes to a successful B2B marketing strategy. This is especially true for companies that operate in highly technical industries. As an example, consider the 2011 RFID Marketing Strategies Report released by RFID Journal. The figures below, taken directly from the report, show just how important white papers are when it comes to presenting in-depth information about an RFID application, case study or technology.

white papers

high tech writer

Figure 8 shows how likely respondents were to download or read a white paper on RFID technology. An impressive 94 percent were at least somewhat likely to download or read an RFID white paper during the following year. What this means for RFID companies is that there is a large, willing audience to which they can present information about their products and services. This puts white papers under only research reports and case studies as the top ways RFID information reaches interested parties.

RFID Journal also found that white papers and analyst reports are almost identical in their utilization rates; however, white papers give vendors the ability to have complete control over the included content. When it comes to B2B RFID marketing, white papers are one of the best ways to keep other companies involved in the latest technological advances while simultaneously promoting your own brand.

At Forward Vision, we have technical expertise in RFID, the Internet of Things, oil and gas, and technology marketing. We focus on how best to reach a company’s target market, utilizing several marketing tactics that often include high tech writers creating complex documents. Our specialization in B2B technology marketing allows us to create knowledgeable, effective marketing plans for businesses that operate in highly specialized industries.  Here’s some sample b2b white papers of just a few of the hundreds of white papers we’ve created.

RFID and the Internet of Things will continue to grow and adapt to current business and industry needs. Forward Vision can help RFID companies build relationships with other businesses who will need RFID technology to ensure they are staying competitive within their specific niches. By utilizing educational content such as white papers, companies can increase awareness of their RFID products, show how these products can benefit other businesses, and create interest and excitement for new Internet of Things developments.

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